Call Centre Services

Outbound Services

Outbound call centre services mainly consists of tele-calling agents making calls to existing and potential customers in order to increase sales, acquire new customers, follow-up other marketing campaigns, test new markets, develop better customer relationship etc.

Companies who make use of outbound call center services have the advantage of saving on cost of infrastructure, skilled workforce, training cost etc. and concentrate on their core business.

With investments much cheaper than having a traditional sales team, outbound calling services enable to quickly start generating leads, nurture prospects, provide ease of measuring success rates and testing, upscale/downsize easily.

Inbound Services

Inbound call center services help businesses in resolving their customer issues and queries in the fastest and efficient manner and also with a human touch. As customer experience has become the most crucial aspect in today's competitive business environment, organizations are increasingly looking forward to ensure efficient support services to their customers and prospects.

Trained call center workforce, hiring and training expertise, ready-to-use infrastructure, multi-lingual capabilities, experience in managing clients across industries, multiple and related domain knowledge to quickly identify process inefficiencies and adopt to market dynamics etc are some of the advantages of our inbound call centre services.


The most important factor to consider when evaluating a potential telemarketing services provider is the cultural fit between your organization and the potential provider.

With proven track record with multiple industry segments across diverse geographies, we understand the various factors, challenges, regional barriers etc, that contribute to the successful outsourcing of your sales processes.

Having Telemarketing as a core competency, our sales oriented and cost effective methods backed with an extensively segmented data bank for cold calling gives us an extra edge in customer acquisition campaigns.

Fund Raising

Fund raising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions by requesting donations from individuals, businesses or other entities, mainly by non-profit organizations for meeting the expenses of their philanthropic activities.

Tele-Marketing is one of the most sought after methods of fund raising by NGOs in India, which is very cost effective and can be started with bare minimum investment and scaled up significantly once the team is set.

With almost a decade of experience in fund raising for various social causes and with cheque pick-up and other collection network in place across major cities, any organization can just kick-start their fund raising plans through us with the least turnaround time.

Customer Support

  • Dedicated customer service facility with toll free number and CRM support.
  • Multi-lingual callers, IVR technology, National presence.
  • Customer Support, Help-Desk Outsourcing, Inquiry handling, Product Information request handling.
  • Live Chat Support, After-sales support, Revenue management, fund collection.

Lead Generation

  • Footfall drive for corporate events, seminars, exhibitions.
  • Lead generation for B2B products/services, product launches.
  • Auto Insurance renewals, lead generation for health insurance, mutual funds.
  • Profiled target data across business domains for very high lead accuracy.

Appointment Fixing

  • B2B products/services sales assistance by appointment fixing.
  • Appointment fixing for Asset management, insurance and other financial services.
  • Face-to-face meeting schedule for fund raising.
  • Services for Healthcare, Tourism, Event management, Real Estate verticals.
  • Ready database of target customers for B2B / B2C markets across geographies.

Why Choose Us ?

Find out how we can help you maximise your ROI.

Targeted campaigns

One of the first criteria for a direct marketing campaign is a reliable customer database with the key characteristics of prospects and customers who are most ready, willing, and able to purchase your product or service.

Analyzing your direct marketing campaign can allow you to steadily improve the campaign performance. If multiple campaigns are being run, analyze the response rates from each.

Your campaign success heavily depends on your ability to deliver the correct piece of content that is relevant to the target customer at the right time. ie the right content through the right channel, at the right time.

Exploiting the possibilities of the latest communication channels delivering high quality content, with data visualization, multi-channel integration, marketing automation are critical to improve your ROI.

Professional customer support service is an essential way to attract and retain customers and boost brand loyalty, and also eliminates the hassles and investments associated with in-house call center operations.

Engaging your potential customers through social media networks by including social elements into every aspect of marketing communication greatly enhances brand visibility, conversions and cross references.

Finding the right mix of integrated and multi-channel campaigns, with customers constantly toggling various touch points both modern and traditional, is very critical and can be achieved only with substantial customer data insights and campaign experience.

Effective use of marketing automation tools and next-gen technology in digital advertising can greatly enhance campaign performance. AI enabled Programmatic Advertising, Engagement Ads, Customer action tracking etc will be the most crucial elements for greater revenues and customer engagement.

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