Event Management

Team Building Exercise / Corporate Training Programs
  • We offer innovative and attractive activity sessions that are customized to involve your teams in several bonding exercises.
  • Our outdoor team building activities are novel and helps your company derive desired outcome.
  • We conduct group activities to inculcate team work and experimental learning and various adventurous activities to teach strategic planning and time-bound exercises.
  • Incentive Field Trip / Annual Trips / Dealer Meets: Encouraging, Appreciating and rewarding team mates, partners and your staff is extremely critical to have a successful dedicated working culture and create dynamic synergies.
Conferences, Seminars, Annual Summits
  • Imparting a knowledge session to the team or to prospects is a growing need for corporate. We shall design a tightly focused schedule for your annual meeting to accomplish goals. Comprehending all the complexities involved in an event, our team of expertise will effectively work towards enriching your participant’s knowledge. We use the best training tools, world class stage set-up and the latest Audio-Video equipment for your purpose.
  • We have shortlisted some of the best conference halls and banquet spaces, especially for corporate training program. From a 20 people team to more than 5000 seating area, we have some of the best venue suggestions for you. Contact us to get the quote.
  • Audio / Visual : Mike, Sound equipment, Projectors, Display screens, Lights. You name them and we have the best quality and high power equipment for good Audio Visual Aids.
  • RSVP & Registration Desk : Our crew is well trained to handle registrations and response management activities, be it re-event or post event engagements. We have expert tele callers and executives to call, inform, interact and engage your prospects as well as your visitors.
  • Anchor & Speaker : Compering plays an important part of a summit. From Celebrity anchors to excellent orator, we have churned out the best from industry. Our bank includes Sales Trainers, Personality Development speakers, Motivational Speakers, Industry leaders and Celebrity guests.
  • Food & Beverages : We have best available bucket of caterers to provide you light refreshments as well as sumptuous meals.
  • Fabrication : Our team will take the brief on your requirement and arrange the decors, customised branding and fabrications of the venue in the theme that you desire it to be.
  • Bulk Accommodation : Being a cost conscious company, we have partnered with several Hotels across many parts of India for a comfortable yet affordable stay of your team. Decent Location, good connectivity and wonderful experience is the bulk deal at great price.
  • Group Travel & Logistics : We have partnered with many transportation company that could provide you economical travel plans for your entire team. Be it Buses or Cars, Just sit back and enjoy the ride to your destination. Our cargo facility will help you move your materials / event props safely and timely from anywhere to anywhere across the Globe.


Creating Maximum reach and mass visibility is vital exercise for all the services / product you offer. We provide various ideas to showcase your products and also a customised branding activity that uplifts and establishes your brand’s image. Our platforms will unfold your presence across the cities of your target in a uniform method.

Our branding exercise includes:

  • Bus Branding, Train Branding, Auto rickshaw Branding, Vehicle branding, Hoardings, Posters / Danglers, Mall Branding, Indoor / Outdoor wall branding, Furniture branding, Table Top branding such as Tent cards, menu card branding, table mat branding, Merchandise for promoters and crew personnel.

Our Promotions and Road Shows include:

  • Flash Mob, Mall promotions, Street Act, Jigs, Society Kiosks, Corporate Kiosks, Pamphlet distribution at footfall areas and so on.
Award Functions & Product Launches

There are many factors that contribute towards reminiscing the event and also create an impact at its first look. Thus, Yellow Umbrella provides complete solution to your Award Functions and Product Launch.

Award ceremony is an annual affair, if not seasonal. Be it a commercially organised event or a closely organised recognition program for at a corporate level, we have complete solution and right resources to offer.

Product Launch or Start of a new business vertical, our services will include best quality AV equipment and visual aids for the launch of your product / business vertical. We excel in creating freshness to an event. We handle an event at its best right from designing the event to providing the best mix of entertainments and celebrity list. Experience our seamless service and execution.

What we can assist you with includes:

  • Trophies & Certificate, Rewards for Felicitation, Exclusive gifting options for guest list, Celebrities, Shawls, Florists, Food & Beverages, Guest List, Stage Décor, Entertainment Fillers, Logistic arrangement for the props and the crew and guest list.
Decoration & Fabrication

Leave your stage rolling and your audience stunned with amazing stage decors !

Our team will take the event brief and suggest various décor options for your stage as well as the sitting arrangement for your guest list / audience based on the chosen venue.

If you’re holding an event, you’ll likely need different venue accommodations than you would for an exhibition. The less the environment matches the desired feeling of your event, the more fabrication you will need for the venue.

We have some most sort after stage designers and fabricators while also paving way to the most reasonable yet excellent decorators in your kitty to match your budget and requirement.

Entertainment, Glitz & Glamour

The most important element in a glamorous and commercial event are the Entertainment Fillers.

Size does not matter ! Yes, several activities such as Kitty Parties, High Profile Gathering, Fashions Shows, Ramp walks are some of the activities that fit into this category for Branding and Exhibiting your products to your target audience and bringing it to lime-light. At the same time, your guests will experience service at its grandeur.

We have a host of performers and models to offer while the stage will be set on fire with glitters performances and jaw dropping ambiance. We can fit in the right set activity program for you. Get a celebrity to endorse your product.

Our service offer includes:

  • Fashion Shows, Models & Supermodels (National & International), Celebrity guests and endorsement, Performing artists, Bands, Group Jigs, Stand-up Comedians, Light shows & Aqua shows.
Venue for Events

Be is a local event or a series of National event, from identifying and negotiating an event location to reaching your target audience, we shall undertake Creating Maximum reach and mass visibility is vital exercise for all the services.

Organising an event is a challenging task with many critical decisions. Venue being a major one. Choosing a venue is the one BIG decision, which will have the largest impact on your event.

So, what to look for while selecting a venue?

Budget, Event Type and your size of guest list will define the venue type you should search for. While in many situations, Dates for your event is dependent on the venue you select. Thus it is advisable to have multiple choices for your event dates. Prior booking and having ample time to design and execute the campaign strategy will lead to a successful show.

We shall assist you fetching the best of venues and open air spaces that fits your budget and your event type:

  • Hall, Conference Rooms, Banquets, Hotels, Destination Venue, Bungalows and Beach Houses, Farm Houses & Villas, Resorts & Shacks, Camps, Catering.

We are a cost-conscious event organizer and thus would suggest you to lower down the cost of venue, while allowing more budget space for food / drinks / other beverages and in entertaining your guests.

We have a huge base of renowned and most sort-after caterers who provide best quality lip-smacking multi-cuisine menu. Be it a traditional cuisine or a customised chart, your discussion with us begins just with a simple query form.

Event Permissions & Security Crew

Organising an outdoor event requires a lot of permission with regards to copyrights and society laws.

Managing the crowd and providing safety to your visitors, guest list as well as staff is always a prime focus for any organizer. We provide good quality Bouncers and security staff to handle your audience at all times from arrival until departure.

We assist you in getting:

  • Police permission, PPL, IPRS, Taxation.
Travel & Logistics

Be it a family occasion or a corporate trip, we have partnered with many transportation companies that could provide you economical travel plans for your entire team / group.

Picking up your team and dropping back the team back to origin, it’s a bundle of dedicated fleet for a comfortable journey.

Be it Buses or Cars, just sit back and enjoy the ride to your destination

Our cargo fleet will help you move your materials / event props safely and timely from anywhere to anywhere across the Globe.

This event will showcase leading designers from our country whilst promoting the culture and lifestyle to the rest of the world in an honest and fair competition & It’s also an opportunity for the leading fashion magazines as well as high profile producers and directors from films, television and Entertainment industries to provide them a Platform for national achievement and international recognition

Endorsement options include:

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Targeted campaigns

One of the first criteria for a direct marketing campaign is a reliable customer database with the key characteristics of prospects and customers who are most ready, willing, and able to purchase your product or service.

Analyzing your direct marketing campaign can allow you to steadily improve the campaign performance. If multiple campaigns are being run, analyze the response rates from each.

Your campaign success heavily depends on your ability to deliver the correct piece of content that is relevant to the target customer at the right time. ie the right content through the right channel, at the right time.

Exploiting the possibilities of the latest communication channels delivering high quality content, with data visualization, multi-channel integration, marketing automation are critical to improve your ROI.

Professional customer support service is an essential way to attract and retain customers and boost brand loyalty, and also eliminates the hassles and investments associated with in-house call center operations.

Engaging your potential customers through social media networks by including social elements into every aspect of marketing communication greatly enhances brand visibility, conversions and cross references.

Finding the right mix of integrated and multi-channel campaigns, with customers constantly toggling various touch points both modern and traditional, is very critical and can be achieved only with substantial customer data insights and campaign experience.

Effective use of marketing automation tools and next-gen technology in digital advertising can greatly enhance campaign performance. AI enabled Programmatic Advertising, Engagement Ads, Customer action tracking etc will be the most crucial elements for greater revenues and customer engagement.

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